T-800 Bucker Machine


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De-stemming (aka bucking) machines are supposed to save you time and money. The problem is, they just don’t work…until now. The design concept for our bucking machine came from years of frustration using buckers on our family farm that simply did not work. Some of the biggest flaws we encountered were:

  • The bud is destroyed as it’s ripped from the stem
  • Too much time prepping the product to be able to run it through the machine
  • Jamming inside the machine
  • Too much down time to clean the machine
  • Multiple person operation required
  • Not transportable

So, we decided to design a bucking machine from the ground up that overcame all these flaws. The result, a purpose-built, easy to clean and highly transportable bucking machine at an affordable price.

Now to make your life easier:

  • Our patent-pending belt feed system provides a much stronger pull on any size stem preventing misfeeds, jams and resin buildup compared to roller-feed systems.
  • No pre-processing of product is required to use this machine. Our belt drive system has a larger surface area than a roller fed machine. This means only 1.5” of bare stem is needed in order for the belt drive to grab it.
  • Multiple size cutting dies are gentler on your product, preventing damage which can occur from flat die plates common on most bucking machine.
  • Our belt drive system is removable for easy cleaning with minimal down time.
  • Variable speed control allows for wet and dry processing.
  • Two-wheel dolly push handles and no-flat tires make it easy to transport.

Ships factory direct from our facility in Arizona to the continental United States.

Building a better bucker to meet your harvesting needs.

For large and small grow operations.

Buck up.

SKU: T-800-NO
Warranty Information: 2 Years, 90 Days on Belts


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Saved a ton of time and stayed in compliance

We met the owners of IHS at Emerald Cup and really liked the new machine they were showcasing. We talked to them about getting a machine sometime in January. Soon after the show, the county notified us that we only had a few weeks to have our product bucked down to stay in compliance. IHS let us know that they were not able to have a machine built that quickly but were willing to sell us the prototype machine that they had at the show. They brought it up from Los Angeles over Christmas for us. We had one person working the machine for 5 days straight for 10 hours per day with no issues. We made it through 400 lbs and finished in time. It worked great popping the nugz off cleanly with minimal shake. We are very happy with the purchase.
Posted by nicole, Apr 1st 2020

Plesantly Surprised.

As a professional trimmer, I never thought I would have any need for a bucking machine. I was so used to hand bucking. So, when I was asked to test out the T-800 by IHS, I was totally skeptical. Fast forward 6 months later, and I cannot live without this machine! What used to take me 5 or 6 hours to hand buck now takes me 15-20 minutes. I cannot believe how much time I save. It has multiple speeds so I can use it on wet or dry, and it hasn’t damaged any of my bud! The only problem I had with it is that for super dry stuff, the buds would fly over the shoot, but they modified the design and now have a high and low slot so you can adjust the height. I do mostly dry, so I haven’t had to clean it yet which is awesome. But cleaning it looks super easy. All I have to do is pop out the cartridge, drop it into tray with water and simple green, pop in my spare cartridge and just keep on going. I also like that it breaks down so I can put it in my car and travel with it. I know buckers have a bad rap. I definitely had that mindset going into this. But this machine has literally changed the way I do business for the better. I am more productive and can take on more clients. If you’re on the fence about this machine, trust me, just try it. You won’t be sorry.
Posted by megan clem, Apr 1st 2020